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Stiefel Laboratories is a global dermatological pharmaceutical company, with its global headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It makes products such as Duac and Oilatum. Stiefel was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline at a price of $2.9 billion. The company was founded in 1847 by John David Stiefel, Ferdinand von Hebra, and Paul Unna, who initially created medicated soaps.

Jaime shares his experience on Stiefel Laboratories Facebook page, "THE NEW PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash formula from Stiefel IS TERRIBLE, DO NOT BUY!! I have used PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash for many years, I first heard of it when my dermatologist recommended it to me. The OLD formula was of like a toothpaste consistency, which I loved from the beginning, my face would feel so fresh and clean each time. The foaming action was great, always got rid of the oil in my face. The OLD formula worked very well, it helped me keep my skin clear of acne.


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Current Employee - Investment Banking Analyst says

"Management doesnt care as long as they are making money"

Current Employee - Operations Associate says

"Stifel has said that people going back to work in office is “voluntary” for when employees feel comfortable. This isn’t true. There is no “voluntary” part about it. We have not been given a choice; they just tell us we need to come back to the office. In fact, management has told us that if we want to continue working from home, then Stifel isn’t the place for us. During this pandemic, management has encouraged employees to express any concerns. However, when we do so, the response is basically an argument as to why our concerns aren’t valid. Management has told employees not to talk to other employees about COVID or the testing done at Stifel. They are trying to suppress information as to not “scare employees.” Other notes: -Extreme lack of communication -1 day notice to work from home -3 days’ notice to go back into the office -Completely skipped the promotional period without a word -In no way reimbursed or alleviated parking expenses during time we must work from home -Disregard for employees’ health/safety/concerns -Kept workers in office until employees were showing symptoms and being tested for COVID-19 -Sending workers back into the office before they’re comfortable with it"

Former Employee - Senior Database Administrator says

"Everything, the entire company is awful"

Former Employee - Operations Specialist says

"Prejudice staff Low pay for industry Lackluster benefits Parking"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Archaic non competitive pay scale. Lacking a progressive Human Resources platform. Very sexist and offensive to the modern day family."

Former Employee - Investment Banking Analyst says

"Low dealflow Bad management (executive team and line MDs) Not collegial culture, backbiting No regard for personal life Takes on every deal- volume shop"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you want to feel incredibly uncomfortable in the workplace and get zero reward for it - this is the place for you. Zero diversity. Look elsewhere. Run."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Base Pay is WAY below market averages... in all areas Workload is unreasonable Very disorganized and chaotic in many areas Some senior and intermediate management lack leadership skills. For many, it is all about turf and power, and doing right by their people comes a distant second. Other management lack professionalism and maturity, where bullying and putting down is tolerated Culture has been changing for several years now, not for the better"

Former Employee - "Support Function" says

"No clear clear path for career growth, lack of communication, terrible benefits & PTO, lack in support from a work volume perspective and even personally, rewarded with more work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"democracy, good ole boys network"


"Wouldn't recommend employment here to anyone, even someone that I didn't like!! Way too corporate and management doesn't care about their employees!!"

Office work (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Very much like high school. Favoritism. Horrible pay. Horrible environment. . Rude office workers. Terrible and abrasive manager who favors employees and doesn’t value opinions of others. A new manager is most definitely needed to make the business run smoother. Would not recommend anyone work there."

Institutional Equity Sales (Current Employee) says

"All politics. Management style is 100% top down. No feedback mechanism for information to move upstream. Run for the prosperity of senior management. Worked for the company for 10++ years, although management could care less about loyaltyabove average salaryseniorn management could care less about you"

Licensed Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Women do not advance with this company. Women are allowed administrative duties and are not allowed to become financial advisors. Very old school, Good Ol' Boy atmosphere.NoneSee above"

Trade Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Working was extremely busy,especially toward the middle of the month and the end. I learned many things regarding bonds.Worked with a great crew. The most enjoyable part was laughing at different jokes with the tradersThey had a kitchen and Cafeteria when you got a discount on your mealsAlways had to work longer hours and didn't get paid for them"

Sr. Executive Assistant / Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"there were a few nice people in the office. there is not much else i can say about this companynothing"

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to learn and understand the wealth management industry first hand, but little benefit otherwise. The day to day tasks are more or less boring and repetitive, but you do get exposure to the financial sector at large which is a plus. That being said, Stifel has no real system in place to advance someone from Client Service Associate to Financial Advisor, or any other position for that matter."

Sr. Data Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Work in silos but "synergy" is expected. People put on head phones and tune out all day. No face to face conversation. No shared vision. Many do not even say good morning or hello in the hallways. Everything is always someone else's job. No one is empowered, No one is rewarded for initiative mostly because there is none and it is discouraged. Do as your told, nothing more nothing less. Every minute of your work day is managed. Even your PTO is managed. You are encouraged to take entire PTO days to go to a doctor.Working from home is discouraged. Office environment is poorly maintained, outside downtown air pumped directly in to work spaces, no bathroom ventilation and bathrooms are disgustingly out of date and unsanitary. Elevators are downright scary.NoneDowntown location, depressing and low skilled people and environment"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"This is a challenging place to work. They gave me my first job opportunity after being out of the work force so I appreciate that immensely. Unfortunately there are a bunch of white men who treat women like secretaries from the 1950s."

Staff Accountant (Current Employee) says

"No one is a person, you are just a number and your personal time and family is not important. Managers favorites do nothing all day while everyone else is pressured to work long hours. Benefits are not competitive. New software was just implemented and was not well designed, causing major issues. Every department is short staffed and the turn over rate is through the roof. If you absolutely need a job, it'll do the trick but I would never recommend this if you have other options.Can't think of anyToo many"

Assistant to the Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was let go with no warning. I was told "This just isn't working out.". I would never work for them again. The training was not adequate. The environment was very sterile. I want to work in a welcoming environment."

I.T. Support (Former Employee) says

"Stifel was ok, not great, not terrible, but ok. Very much a "who you know" kind of place, otherwise not a great chance for promotion or much benefits. Being available 24/7 was expected. Lots of contractors go in, and go out. Downtown location is nice for amenities, not nice for accessibility. All in all, probably would not work there again."

Executive Director - Head of Liquidity Products (Former Employee) says

"narrow mid west focus afraid to develop experience NY talent. Af firm which limits itself to developing only cheap earning labor in the mid-west and threatened by New York talent."

Associate Staff Analyst - Executive Support (Former Employee) says

"not a diversified company. Offers tuition reimbursement. salary is not great. Woman are few in management. College education is not required. Raises are very low, and is reflected upon your appraisal.tuition reimbursementnot diversified woman are not in management"

Sr. SQL Server DBA (Former Employee) says

"This is a heaven for developers but, a miserable place for a DBA: 1. No proper change management (most of the changes occur during prime time Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm) 2. No compliance policies (full use of Linked Server, SQL Synonyms, xp_cmdshell, No pager (proactively check email while on-call !!!) 3. No focus on a responsibility ("everybody does everything")development of dataware house app using SQL Server 2014 SolidQ Mentorsno work life balance"

Fixed Income Trader (Former Employee) says

"Hi stress on the trading floor. Eat what you kill mentality. Lots of turnover. A few guys that are lifers and they rule the floor. We had 3 suicides in a 6 month span at one point. I’m sure there was some pressure from home but work situation did not help.Pay was decentToo many to post"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I found Stifel to be lacking in technology, upper level management quality and regulatory oversight. I was accustomed to much more advanced technology, overall management quality, culture, diversity and other qualities that I had at Wells Fargo, thus I returned to that organization.Complimentary employee appreciation lunches, etc.They tracked all employees time, including salaried employees on a spreadsheet and were very punitive and non-flexible, even within reasonable expectations. The management was not supportive, specifically in the Operation area."

Support Engineer | Information Technology (Current Employee) says

"IT support is not treated well but there is plenty of work. Benefits are just above bare minimum. Not much in way of support or avenues in advancement especially of you are not in the St. Louis office.Job SecurityLacks in supporting employees"

Endpoint Support (Former Employee) says

"Bulk of IT staff is located in the St. Louis, MO home office. There are no advancement or lateral opportunities outside of that location, and staff are regularly reminded as such. Mismanagement and miscommunication is rampant, and employees rarely know what is expected of them until they are reprimanded. The culture is acidic, and employees are constantly on guard in fear of losing their jobs.close walk to downtown inner harborbad management, bad communication, poor healthcare, short breaks, fear-driven principals"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I found to very difficult to relate the name of the company to new clients and prospects. Many people didn't even know what the name meant or even where the company was from."

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